The greatest delight of spending some of my time in Pasadena, LA since autumn 2016 has been the chance to walk, most weekends, in the beautiful wildernesses of the San Gabriel Mountains. Here are some photos and descriptions of the walks my partner James Anderson and I have done together. We didn’t plan this page from the start of our hiking adventures, so we didn’t necessarily record all the information that would have been most helpful if you want to try them yourself, but maybe they’ll serve as appetisers nonetheless.

Where we give hike numbers, they’re from the classic hiking book Trails of the Angeles, by John W. Robinson and Dough Christiansen (we’re using the 9th edition). We give the metadata for each hike, but you can find detailed descriptions and route instructions in the book, which comes with the best map that exists of this area. (Some ambitious cartographer really needs to come and create a proper Ordnance Survey-style map of the region.)