I mean, OK, I have some habits I love more—like weekday lunchtime sunbathing (you have to seize every opportunity, if you’re in/from England). But I don’t think there’s another habit that has made as much difference to my career or my whole-life satisfaction as the weekly review.

I have no idea where I first heard of it, but my email archives tell me I first started swapping weekly review results with my partner in 2015. Since then, it’s become such a crucial part of how I process, plan, and generally make sense of my life that I’d be as lost without it as without morning tea or heavy lifting.

If you’re not already doing this, try it for a month starting this weekend and I guarantee you’ll make at least one better professional decision and one better personal choice this month than you would have without it. If you are already doing it, maybe you’d like to see how my preferred set of questions compares to yours?