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If you’re looking for information about my work on eating disorders, including the recovery coaching I offer, please visit hungerartist.org.

If you want to know more about…

  • work/life coaching with me
  • the events I run on work/life habits, writing, and wellbeing
  • my research in cognitive literary studies (including on Kafka, vision and mental imagery, cognitive realism, and the “Kafkaesque”)
  • my research in the health humanities, especially on bibliotherapy—or reading fiction for therapeutic purposes
  • the textbook on consciousness I coauthor with my mother Sue Blackmore
  • my past or upcoming talks
  • powerlifting
  • failure
  • why I love the mountains around Los Angeles so much
  • or any of the other motley collection of things that presently make up my life and work

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Thanks to Sybilla Pereira for the photograph.

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