Distance: 8 miles
Time: around 3 hours
Elevation gain: 1,898 feet
Difficulty: easy–moderate

Drive: 20 minutes from Pasadena old town (Clear Creek ranger centre)
Trails of the Angeles hike no. 35
Modern Hiker has a helpful description here

This is one of the few hikes we’ve done twice. Second time round, it was an obvious choice for my first weekend back to Pasadena: it’s a steady, simple ascent up a fire road close to home, to a peak with excellent views of LA and (on a clear day) the sea beyond, as well as north into Big Tujunga canyon. You also have views of the tall spiky Strawberry Peak to the east – and at 2.4 miles there’s a trail off to the right along to Josephine Saddle and Strawberry.

For the ascent up to the 2.4 mile mark you’re on the south side of the slope, with lovely views almost from the start.


The end of that section is a nice point to stop for a drink and admire the northerly and easterly views that have opened up.



Then the fire road wraps round the back for most of the final stretch that leads you to the short path up to summit.



Our second time doing this hike we had our picnic not at the summit but on a more private rocky spine just off the track on one of the east-facing hairpins fairly close to the top.



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