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Dr Emily Troscianko is currently a Junior Research Fellow at St John’s College, Oxford.  She holds a degree in French and German from Oxford University (2004), a Masters in European Literature (German, 2006), and a D.Phil. (German, 2010), also from Oxford. 

Emily’s broad research interest is in scientific approaches to the study of literature, in particular those that have the potential to combine theoretical insights from the cognitive sciences, psychology, and neuroscience with empirical testing of readers’ responses to fictional texts and the close reading essential to traditional literary criticism. 

Her current research project investigates ‘cognitive realism’ with regard to cognitive capacities such as memory, attention, and emotion, and in the two literary ‘periods’ of Realism and Modernism, with the aim of elucidating the cognitive effects of specific texts and drawing broader conclusions about Realist and Modernist aesthetics.

For six years she lived on a narrowboat in Oxford, and she is now adjusting to life on dry land.  She enjoys weight-lifting and is trying to find more time to read for pleasure.



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