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My father Tom died unexpectedly on 16 November 2011, aged 58. Here are some pictures of the two of us together, and of the time after his death.

Obituaries have been published by the University of Bristol, in the THE, and in Perception.
A symposium in Tom's honour was held at ECVP 2012, Alghero, Sardinia.
A website in his memory is online (though still in development) at www.tomtroscianko.com.



Tom skiing with me on his back, c. 1983

Christmas 2004


At Sue and Adam's wedding, June 2010

My doctoral graduation, November 2010

Graduation cont. (with paper hat found in Brasenose College loos)

Skiing in the Arlberg, Austria, March 2011







Soar Mill Cove, Devon, 19 November 2011

Funeral decorations, 1 December 2011


Some funeral pictures and cards




A resting place for some of Tom, poured out from a wine glass, New Year's Eve 2011





A day to celebrate Tom's life and work,
University of Bristol, 31 March 2012



The winner of the Tom Troscianko prize for the 'most outrageous' exhibit at IllusoriaMente Show Time, ECVP 2012: film of 'Three Vision Scientists Dancing with "Venus"', by Thomas Papathomas.






Part of Tom's section of the IllusoriaMente art-science exhibition for ECVP 2012.



More of the exhibition.



Tom's last trip



(Bellagio, Italy, August 2010)

I miss you, Tom.








Header photos:
Radcliffe Camera, copyright David Iliff,
and cerebral lobes (author unknown),
both licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License


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